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that communicate.

Twilio gives developers the tools to build scalable, reliable and flexible communications applications hosted on Windows Azure.

Get $10 of Twilio credit when you upgrade your account.

Build on Windows Azure

  • Twilio Voice

    Build smart voice applications with just a few lines of code. Add call recording, text-to-speech, conferencing and more using the web languages you know.

  • Twilio Messaging

    Teach your apps to send and receive text and picture messages. Use a short code for high-volume applications.

  • Twilio Client

    Twilio Client is the best way to embed voice into your WebRTC-enabled or standard browser apps via VoIP. Easily call from within your native iOS+Android apps.

  • Phone Numbers

    Make your app global by instantly buying and provisioning Twilio phone numbers in the countries where your users are.

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Build apps that communicate with Twilio and Windows Azure. When you upgrade your Twilio account, get an additional $10 of Twilio Credit which can be attributed to any Twilio usage (credit equivalent to sending as many as 1,333 SMS messages or receiving up to 1,000 inbound Voice minutes, depending on the location of your phone number and message or call destination).

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